Welcome from the Director

A warm welcome to the website of the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard Kennedy School!

The Women and Public Policy Program’s mission is to increase gender equality and improve the lives of women and men across the world by creating and sharing knowledge that helps close gender gaps in economic participation, political opportunity, health and education.

We conduct and support research, train leaders across all sectors, and support students’ development to become effective policy makers. Our impact on public policy and leadership is enhanced through collaboration with our knowledge partners and our supporters, in particular the Women and Public Policy Program Women’s Leadership Board.

Our work examines gender at the societal, political and organizational levels. It focuses both on the effectiveness of a given intervention in closing gender gaps, as well as on measuring the impact of increased gender equality and diversity on organizational, societal and political performance.

As you browse our web site, we hope you will find relevant information, meet new faces and be inspired to join us on this exciting journey. If you are a student, you may be particularly interested in learning about a course I'll teach on Behavioral Economics for Organizations this fall, our From Harvard Square to the Oval Office political training program, our internship support opportunities, and our weekly seminar series on gender in public policy and leadership.

I am honored to be the director of the Women and Public Policy Program and have the privilege of working with all of you toward our shared mission. I am joined by an incredible team that is dedicated to our mutual journey toward gender equality.

On behalf of the Women and Public Policy Program, welcome!

Iris Bohnet
Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
Director, Women and Public Policy Program