Teaching and Training

Harvard Kennedy School students are the world’s current and future leaders. WAPPP equips students with a sharp gender lens and a honed policy toolkit through experiential learning, a nonpartisan political campaign practicum From Harvard Square to the Oval Office, and our flagship course, Closing the Global Gender Gap. We ensure students graduate empowered and prepared to engage the world’s most pressing problems.

WAPPP Summer Interns 2019

Amanat Boparai

Amanat Boparai

MPP 2020
International Organization for Migration (IOM) and United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
Geneva, Switzerland and Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
Gwen Camp

Gwen Camp

MC/MPA 2019
Rittenhouse Political Partners
Philadelphia, PA
Cassandra Devine

Cassandra Devine

MPA 2019
American Association of University Women
Washington, DC
Allicen Dichiara

Allicen Dichiara

MPP 2020
University of Cambridge Global Food Security
Cambridge, UK and Mumbai, India
Yuning Liu

Yuning Liu

HSPH 2020
MRC/Wits Rural Public Health and Health Transitions Research Unit (Agincourt)
South Africa
Radhe Patel

Radhe Patel

HLS 2020
Senator Dick Durbin
Washington, D.C.
Saran Sidime

Saran Sidime

HDS, MTS 2020
The African Centre for the Cosntructive Resolution of Disputes
South Africa
Charlene Wang

Charlene Wang

MPP 2020
Boston City Councilor-At-Large Michelle Wu
Boston, MA
Yiran Wang

Yiran Wang

HLS, JD 2021
Harvard Prison Legal Assistance Project
Cambridge, MA
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Elected Oval Office Alumnae

Jennifer Benson, HKS '15 & Oval Office '15

MA State Representative of the 37th Middlesex District (2009 - present)

Stefani Carter, HLS/HKS ’05 & Oval Office '05

Texas House of Representatives from District 102 (2010 - 2014)

Nancy Chaires Espinoza, HKS ’06 & Oval Office '05

School Board Member, Elk Grove Unified School District, CA (2015 - present)

Tamar Chugoshvili, HKS ’15 & Oval Office '15

Member of the Parliament of Georgia (2016 - present)
First Deputy Chairperson of the Parliament (2016 - present)

Sharon Clarke, HKS '12 & Oval Office '12

Civil Court Judge, Brooklyn, NY (2014 - present)

Marjorie Decker, HKS '07 & Oval Office '06

MA State Representative of the 25th Middlesex District (2012 - present)

Amélie de Montchalin, HKS '14 & Oval Office '14

Member of Parliament, Deputy of the 6th District of Essone, France (2017 - present)

Alexandra Dublanche (Goujon), HKS ’12 & Oval Office ’11
Deputy-Mayor of Sartrouville, France (March 2014 - present)

Lori Ehrlich, HKS ’05 & Oval Office ’05

MA State Representative of the 8th Essex District (2008 - present)

Meredith Fascett, HKS ’05 & Oval Office ’05

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, Capitol Riverfront Neighborhood, Washington, D.C. (2014 - present)

Michelle Fay, HKS ’11 & Oval Office ’11

VT State Representative of Caledonia-3 District (2012 - 2014)

Ann-Margaret Ferrante, HKS ’18 & Oval Office ’17

MA State Representative of the 5th Essex District (2009 - present)

Heather Hamilton, HKS ’16 & Oval Office ’16

Brookline, MA Board of Selectmen (2017 - present)

Brune Poirson, HKS ’17 & Oval Office ’17

Member of Parliament for the 3rd District of Vaucluse, France (2017 - present)

Maria Syms, HKS ’14 & Oval Office ’14
Town Councilwoman, Town Council of Paradise Valley, AZ (2015 - 2016)
AZ State Representative of  District 28 (2017 - present)

Michelle Wu, HLS ’12 & Oval Office ’11

Councilmember At-Large, City Council of Boston, Massachusetts (2013 - present)
Boston City Council President (2016 - present)

Hilda Zacarías, HKS ’06 & Oval Office ’06

City Councilmember, City Council of Santa Maria, California (2006 - 2010)