WAPPP Summer Internship Program

The Women and Public Policy Program (WAPPP) provides stipends to Harvard graduate students for field placements that focus on closing gender gaps. Over the past decade, WAPPP has supported over 130 students to work in at least 53 different countries including Colombia, India, Jordan, Liberia, Nepal, South Africa, and the United States. 
WAPPP summer interns have worked across sectors—in non-profits, government agencies, and socially responsible enterprises—as trainers, policy analysts, speech writers, and researchers. WAPPP offers up to $7,000 in support of a gender-focused project, internship, or research agenda that takes place  for a minimum of eight-weeks during the summer.


About the Fellowship


Responsibilities of Funding Recipients

WAPPP summer interns are responsible for securing their internship placement and confirming a work arrangement with their host government or organization.

Prior to accepting the WAPPP summer internship funding, students will be asked to provide documentation that such arrangements have been adequately made. Internships must be at least eight weeks in duration. Before leaving for the summer, all WAPPP summer interns are responsible for attending mandatory WAPPP and HKS training sessions and completing the necessary paperwork.

Upon returning to school in the fall, summer interns meet twice a semester to share their experience with other WAPPP students and enhance our community of people interested in pursuing gender-focused work. Students may be asked to give a presentation of their work and impact to members of the Women and Public Policy Program community.

Required Internship Products

  • Summer interns are required to blog weekly (8 minimum) about their work. Posts should focus on the impact of their summer work and how they're utilizing their classroom training. Each post must include at least one multimedia (photo and/or video) per post. If students cannot share their work publicly, they can propose alternative forms of reporting.
  • After completing the summer internship, each student will submit a collection of high-resolution photos (20 minimum) of their internship that will be used to share their work with supporters and future participants.
  • Note: $1,000 of the funding will be distributed to the stipend recipient following the completion of all fellowship requirements.

Eligibility Requirements

Any current Harvard graduate student who will be returning to the University the following fall is eligible to receive WAPPP summer internship funding. Preference is given to Harvard Kennedy School students, however, students from across the University are eligible. We encourage all interested students with projects fitting the internship criteria to apply. 

Please submit a remote plan, including a new budget without any travel expenses.

Additional PAE/SYPA Support

WAPPP summer interns are eligible to apply for additional J-term funding to expand upon their summer experience by developing it into a gender-focused PAE/SYPA. WAPPP offers limited J-term funding on a case-by-case basis.

Selection Process and Deadlines

For HKS student, please apply via the Common Application (Information on HKS summer internship search and funding). For non-HKS students, please use the Wufoo Summer Fellowship Application.  

A selection committee reviews the applications and selects recipients.


If you have any questions, please contact Laura Botero at laura_botero@hks.harvard.edu