Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology I




This course provides master and doctoral students the opportunity to gain a background in reproductive and perinatal epidemiology and understand the unique methodological challenges to the field. The course will cover a range of substantive topics including: the biology of human reproduction; an evolutionary perspective of pregnancy; fertility and time to pregnancy; infertility and its treatment; complications in pregnancy; adverse perinatal outcomes such as preterm birth; fetal exposures and windows of vulnerability; sexual health and induced abortion; gynecological cancers; and women’s health across the lifecourse. Methodologic complexities of studying these areas will be highlighted through critical reading and discussion of published literature. Measurement of these outcomes, problems of study design, and sources of biases will be discussed.
Additional Information:
Faculty: Carmen Messerlian
Semester: Spring Semester Jan
Time: Fall Semester 2
EPI 269