Organizational Design

Deepa Purushothaman

Deepa Purushothaman

U.S. Board Member, Avasara Leadership Institute
WAPPP Leader in Practice

Deepa is a Diversity, Inclusion and Equity leader and she speaks extensively about race and gender issues.  Deepa recently left her corporate role...

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"Unwelcome": Addressing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and on Campus





This module will focus on the challenging legal, policy and organizational issues ingrained in various approaches to the pressing public problem of sexual harassment in the workplace and on campus, including examination of  the structures and interventions – successful and not - that organizations have developed to respond to that policy environment in practice. The goal is to provide students with an understanding of what  is considered “sexual harassment” in the law , what are the actual experiences and career effects on those who have experienced it, what ...

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2020 Feb 27

The Organizational Bases of Racial Discrimination

11:45am to 1:00pm


Ellwood Democracy Lab, Rubenstein 414

David Pedulla, Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, Stanford University.

A significant body of social science research provides compelling evidence that hiring discrimination persists against African Americans. Yet, scholarship in this area has left open important questions about the organizational features that may exacerbate or mitigate discrimination at the hiring interface. In this talk, which draws...

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