2021 Sep 23

The Role of Gender, Race, and Culture in Shaping Negotiation Behaviors



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Much of the existing literature on gender differences in negotiations indicates that women are at a disadvantage, due to socially prescribed gender norms and backlash for those who do not conform. However, this gender difference is not universal. In taking an intersectional approach to examine the role of both...

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Headshot of Logan Berg

Logan Berg

WAPPP Fellow

Logan Berg is a Fellow at the Women and Public Policy Program (WAPPP) at the Harvard Kennedy School. She collaborates with Hannah Riley Bowles on her work...

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Leonora Risse

Leonora Risse

Lecturer in Economics, School of Economics, Finance and Marketing at RMIT University, Australia
WAPPP Fellow

Leonora’s is an applied economist whose research explores the mechanisms that give rise to gender differentials in the workplace. She focuses on the way that personality traits, attitudes and adherence to societal norms can explain gender gaps in workforce outcomes and opportunities, and how this knowledge can be effectively communicated to businesses to activate change.

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Julia Bear

Julia B. Bear

Associate Professor, College of Business at Stony Brook University
WAPPP Fellow

Julia B. Bear is an Associate Professor in the College of Business at Stony Brook University. Her research focuses on the influence of gender on negotiation, conflict management, and persistent gaps in parity in organizations and careers (e.g., career advancement, earnings). As a WAPPP Fellow, Julia looks forward to learning with and from others in the community tackling gender parity as she conducts new research on the role of caregiving ambition in perpetuating these gender gaps. 

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