Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Bioethics





In its attention to gender, race, and sexuality, feminist bioethics challenges and expands contemporary bioethical theory and practice. Drawing from philosophy, theology, law, medicine, public health, and the social and biological sciences, this interdisciplinary field is both critical and constructive in addressing bioethical theory, method, and substantive ethical concerns across the clinical, research, organizational, public policy, and global spheres. In a largely seminar format, we will review the theoretical landscape and social movements that prompted the emergence of feminist...

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S Anukriti

S Anukriti

Assistant Professor in the Economics Department at Boston College
Research Affiliate at the Institute for Labor Economics (IZA), and a Fellow of the Center for Development Economics and Policy at Columbia University
WAPPP Fellow

S Anukriti is an economist whose research examines how economic outcomes are shaped by social norms and public policy. Her research interests lie in the fields of development economics, demography, political economy, and the economics of gender.

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2019 Oct 24

More Meat for Boys: Evidence and Perceptions of Discrimination in Restaurants

11:45am to 1:00pm


Ellwood Democracy Lab (Rubenstein 414)

Brit  Grosskopf, WAPPP Fellow; Professor of Economics, University of Exeter Business School

We present a natural field experiment designed to examine price discrimination in retail markets. This is done by examining portion sizes served in British Carvery Restaurants. Carvery restaurants serve...

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Ethics in Reproductive Medicine





This course will be taught in seminar format; the instructor will facilitate discussion based on each week's readings. The students will be expected to prepare ahead of class and participate in interactive discussions of cases raised during lecture.
The course will examine ethical issues that arise in reproductive medicine and women's health. Specifically, we will address ethical questions that arise in the context of providing assisted reproduction services, family planning services, pregnancy care and surgical services to women and their families. 
Questions and issues that will be addressed in the course include the following: ethics surrounding the abortion and fetal tissue research debate; multiple cases in assisted reproduction including sex selection, savior siblings, age restrictions in IVF, intra-familial gamete donation, post-humous reproduction; cases at the maternal fetal divide, and discussion of the balance of interests in these cases; genetic engineering in assisted reproduction.

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2018 Jun 25

Elevating Fatherhood Experts Meeting

Mon - Tue, Jun 25 to Jun 26, 8:30am - 4:30pm


WAPPP Cason Seminar Room, Taubman 102

On June 25-26. 2018, Women and Public Policy Program (WAPPP) Research Fellow Marc Grau-Grau and WAPPP Co-Director Hannah Riley Bowles co-organized a meeting at Harvard Kennedy School focused on the topic of fatherhood and titled “Elevating Fatherhood: Policies, Organizations, and Health & Wellbeing.”

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Psychology of Women





How does being a woman affect our behavior, our evaluations of ourselves, and our interactions with others? This course examines psychological science on women and girls in western industrialized societies, addressing such topics as gender stereotypes, girlhood, women and work, relationships, pregnancy and motherhood, mental health, violence against women, and women in later adulthood. We will consider these topics through an understanding of gender as a social construction, being mindful of the intersections of gender, sexuality, class, and race. Although focused on women’s lives and experiences, this course is highly relevant to people of all genders.
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