Intern 2011

Emily Polak

Roy Family Fellow, Seattle Women’s Commission, Washington

Emily interned for the Seattle Women’s Commission to conduct a survey of women living in Seattle’s tent city. By creating, conducting and analyzing a survey...

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Hannah Peaker

Roy Family Fellow, UN Women, New York

Hannah Peaker interned for the newly established UN Women in New York, the first unified driving force in gender equality. Specifically, she worked with the...

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Mariam Mansury

National Democratic Institute, Lebanon

Mariam interned at the Beruit office of the National Democratic Institute. For decades, NDI has been at the forefront of promoting democratic norms and...

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Hala Hana

Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs, Liberia

Hala assisted Liberia’s Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs in the development of the country’s Medium Term Growth and Development Strategy, which...

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Kris Cox

Ministry of Health, Government of Rwanda

Kris Cox worked with the Ministry of Health in Rwanda to design and implement a survey investigating obstacles to treatment encountered by HIV-infected...

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