Intern 2010

Melanie Vant

MPP 2011, Cultural Bridge Fellow

Melanie spent her summer with PRADAN, a women’s empowerment and rural development organization in India. PRADAN works with approximately 200,000...

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Nina Teng

MPA/ID 2011, Cultural Bridge Fellow
Gross National Happiness Commission (GNHC), Bhutan

Nina interned at the Gross National Happiness Commission (GNHC), the Royal Government of Bhutan’s national policy-making and planning commission, in Thimphu...

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Anitha Sivasankaran

PhD. Economics 2013, Cultural Bridge Fellow
Center for Micro Finance, India

Anitha Sivasankaran worked in Thanjavur, India with a research team of students and faculty from Harvard, and the Center for Micro Finance. The team is...

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Priyanka Sinha

MPP 2011, Cultural Bridge Fellow
Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD), Government of India

Priyanka Sinha worked with a team of specialists from MWCD and the World Bank to re-structure various components of the Integrated Child Development...

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Yoojin Kim

MPP 2011, Cultural Bridge Fellow
Asian Migrant Centre, Hong Kong

Yoojin conducted an independent research project that looked into best practices of economically empowering migrant women in Asia. As a basis for this...

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Sybill Hyppolite

ScM 2010, Cultural Bridge Fellow
Researcher, Haiti

Sybill conducted a new study on the social causes of maternal mortality in Haiti. She worked with the medical and support staff at hospitals with OB/GYN...

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Andrew Fraker

MPA/ID 2011, Cultural Bridge Fellow
TEPAV, Turkey

Andrew worked with TEPAV, Turkey's leading economic think tank, to create an Institute of Social Policy. This institute aims to conduct impact evaluations...

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Alexandra Fielden

MPP 2011, Cultural Bridge Fellow
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Maldives

Alexandra Fielden was a summer intern at the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in the Maldives. UNFPA is the world’s largest international source of...

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Afua Entsuah

MPP 2011, Cultural Bridge Fellow
Philanthropy Secretariat in the Office of the President, Liberia

Afua Entsuah worked with the Philanthropy Secretariat within the Office of the President of Liberia. The Philanthropy Secretariat was established in 2009 by...

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Ellen Abbott

MPA 2011, Cultural Bridge Fellow
Anza, Tanzania

Ellen worked as a summer associate with an organization called Anza (previously called SolarCycle) in Tanzania.  Anza engineered a product that...

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Varina Winder

MPP 2011, Roy Family Intern
Catalyst, Inc., New York, NY

Hannah Lantos

MPA/ID 2011, Roy Family Intern
Technoserve, Mozambique

Hannah Lantos worked on a baseline survey of an agro-forestry project in northern Mozambique for Technoserve.  Technoserve helps women and men in the...

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Allison Muehlenbeck

MPP 2011, Club de Madrid (Women's Political Participation and Leadership Program), Madrid
Deborah Carstens Intern

Allison Muehlenbeck worked with the Women's Political Participation and Leadership Program at Club of Madrid, an independent organization devoted to...

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Sara Nadel

PhD. Candidate in Public Policy 2013, Adrienne Hall Fellow

Over the course of the summer, Sara was exposed to all aspects of economic research using data collected from field work. She worked on two projects in...

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