Research Fellow 2013-2014

Alexandra  van Geen

Alexandra van Geen

Assistant Professor, Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University, Netherlands
WAPPP Fellow

Alexandra van Geen is an assistant professor at the Finance department of Erasmus School of Economics in the Netherlands. During her PhD program at Harvard, she was a Presidential Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, recipient of the Jane Mansbridge research award, and a research fellow at the Women and Public Policy Program. Her current fellowship focuses on gender, familiarity, and the stock market.... Read more about Alexandra van Geen

Zoe Marks

Zoe Marks

Lecturer in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School
2013-2015 WAPPP Fellow

Zoe Marks is a Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School. Her research and teaching interests focus on the intersections of conflict and political violence; race, gender and inequality; peacebuilding; and African politics.... Read more about Zoe Marks

Victoria  Brescoll

Victoria Brescoll

Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, Yale School of Management
WAPPP Fellow

Victoria Brescoll’s research focuses on the impact of stereotypes on individuals' status and power within organizations, particularly for individuals who violate gender stereotypes. As a WAPPP fellow, she is examining whether gendered mentions of physical appearance negatively impact women’s power and status at work and in politics.... Read more about Victoria Brescoll

Joanna Everitt

Joanna Everitt

Professor of Political Science, University of New Brunswick in Saint John
Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of New Brunswick in Saint John


Dr. Joanna Everitt is a Professor of Political Science and Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of New Brunswick in...

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