Siri Isaksson

Siri Isaksson

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics, Stockholm School of Economics
WAPPP Fellow

Using experimental evidence, Siri Isaksson examines how gender differences in everyday decision-making translate into economic inequalities. In particular, she is researching the gender differences in group work.


Siri Isaksson is a doctoral candidate in Economics and a WAPPP research fellow. Her research uses experimental evidence to understand how gender differences in everyday decision-making translate into economic inequalities. She has previously studied gender differences with respect to advice-seeking behavior as well as the propensity to retaliate.

Her most recent project, “It Takes Two: Gender Differences in Group Work,” focuses on the role of gender in team work. A primary motivation for this study is that experimental research is typically conducted on the individual level, but professional life often happens in groups. How women value their individual contributions in a group setting may have a large impact on their working life, since individual contributions to group success are not transparent. If women systematically undervalue their contribution, this could lead to lower lifetime labor market outcomes.

This study also examines other related topics. It provides evidence on how gender composition affects team performance. In addition, it studies how men view the contribution of their female counterparts: are men less likely to trust the quality of their female team members’ work? Does this affect the success of the group? As a WAPPP fellow, she looks forward to continuing this project and exploring new avenues for her research.

She holds an M.Sc from the Stockholm School of Economics and a B.Sc. from Humboldt University of Berlin.

Research Topic

Gender differences in claiming credit for contributions in group work

Policy Topic