Laura Gee

Laura Gee

Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Tufts University
WAPPP Fellow
Laura Gee

Laura Gee's research focuses the influence of group dynamics and social networks on individual decision-making. As a WAPPP Fellow, she is researching how to better design job postings in order to decrease the occupational gender gap.


Laura Gee received her PhD in Economics from UC San Diego in 2013. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Economics at Tufts University.  Her research is in behavioral economics — with a particular focus on how individual decision making is influenced by group dynamics. She currently has two main lines of research. Her first line of research utilizes both lab and field experiments to explore how to increase the provision of public goods including charitable contributions. Her second line of research explores how people find jobs using data from large online websites like Facebook.

Research Topic

The More You Know: Information Effects on Job Application Rates by Gender in a Large Field Experiment