David Klinowski

Dr. David Klinowski

WAPPP Fellow
David Klinowski


David Klinowski is an economist with research interests in behavioral and experimental economics. His work has examined gender differences in preferences and traits such as altruism, competitiveness, and self-confidence. He has also studied, along with Prof. Katie Coffman, how particular institutional designs, such as penalizing wrong answers on a national college admissions test, can lead to gender differences in education outcomes.

As a WAPPP fellow, he is examining factors that affect preferences for receiving feedback on one’s own performance on an aptitude test, and differences in the representation of male and female authors in the scientific literature. David holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh, and his BA in Economics and Physics from the University of South Florida. He was also a visiting graduate student at the University of Zurich.


Research Topic

Behavioral and experimental economics. 


Focus Area