Chiara Trombini

Chiara Trombini

WAPPP Fellow
Chiara Trombini

Dr. Chiara Trombini’s research focuses on judgment, decision-making, and negotiation. As a WAPPP Fellow, she examines the impact of cognitive and affective interventions for reducing gender biases in individual and organizational decision-making.


Dr. Chiara Trombini is a Research Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School. Her research interests focus primarily on behavioral decision-making, judgment, cognitive and affective biases, and negotiation with a gender perspective. Dr. Trombini examines the effect of organizational environments–especially those characterized by competition and stress –on individual decision-making, performance, and well-being, within and outside the organizational boundaries. She uses a multi-method approach that includes laboratory and field experiments, experience sampling methodology, as well as eye-tracking. She holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration and Management from Bocconi University, an M.Sc. Degree in Economics and a B.S. Degree in Economics and Management from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. She was a visiting graduate student at Melbourne University (Australia). Dr. Trombini teaches decision-making, leadership, human resource management, and negotiation. She presented her work at numerous international conferences and she earned an Honorable Mention in the 2017 APS RISE Research Award.


Research Topic

Can Values Affirmation Reduce Gender Bias?

How Emotions Explain Gender Differences in Negotiation

Drivers and Outcomes of Smartphone Addiction Within and Beyond the Organizational Boundaries