Iris Bohnet

Albert Pratt Professor of Business and Government
Co-Director, Women and Public Policy Program

A behavioral economist, combining insights from economics and psychology to improve decision-making in organizations and society, often with a gender or cross-cultural perspective. Her most recent research examines behavioral design to de-bias how we live, learn and work.... Read more about Iris Bohnet

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Hannah Riley Bowles

Hannah Riley Bowles

Roy E. Larsen Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Management
Co-Director, Women and Public Policy Program
Co-Director, Center for Public Leadership

Hannah Riley Bowles is the Roy E. Larsen Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Management at the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). Hannah chairs the HKS Management, Leadership, and Decision Sciences (MLD) Area and co-directs the HKS Center for Public Leadership and HKS Women and Public Policy Program (WAPPP). She is a leading expert on gender in negotiation.... Read more about Hannah Riley Bowles

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Victoria A. Budson

Victoria A. Budson

Former Executive Director

Victoria Budson is founder and Executive Director of the Women and Public Policy Program (WAPPP) at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. She also founded and chairs WAPPP’s From Harvard Square to the Oval Office: A Political Campaign Practicum (Oval Office) preparing women to run for public office, which has trained over 600 Harvard graduate students from across the world. From Australia to Ecuador, Israel and France, multiple institutions are replicating or drawing insights from the training methodology of Oval Office as they seek to increase gender equity in political leadership in their respective nations.

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Nicole Carter Quinn

Nicole Carter Quinn

Executive Director
Nicole Carter Quinn is the Executive Director of the Women and Public Policy Program at the Harvard Kennedy School. She returned to WAPPP after three years (2018 -2021) serving as the Sr. Director of Special Projects in the Academic Deans’ Office (ADO), where she worked on faculty hiring and promotions, including helping to redesign the search and review procedures based on what works in the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) research.... Read more about Nicole Carter Quinn
Tania Del Rio

Tania Del Rio

MPP 2016

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Tania Del Rio is working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, conducting research on the problem of under-representation of women in the higher ranks of the Foreign Service. She is using Human Resource data to make comparative analyses of the entry, promotion, and exit patterns of men and women in the Foreign Service. In addition, Tania is conducting a series of interviews to gather information about gender differentiation in the work experience of Mexican diplomats. Through this research, the Ministry is looking to pinpoint the causes of under-representation of women in decision-making posts and implement policies that address the problem.

Ellen Abbott

MPA 2011, Cultural Bridge Fellow
Anza, Tanzania

Ellen worked as a summer associate with an organization called Anza (previously called SolarCycle) in Tanzania.  Anza engineered a product that...

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Rana Abdelhamid

Rana Abdelhamid

UN Women, Jordan

Working with UN Women in Jordan to better understand and address the needs of Syrian female refugees in the Za’atari camp, Rana developed advocacy tools on issues of women’s economic empowerment, leadership, and access to resources.... Read more about Rana Abdelhamid

Emeka Agudile

Emeka Agudile

PhD, Maternal and Child Health, HSPH, 2018

Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance (MOVA)
Boston, MA

Emeka is working with Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance (MOVA) in Boston, Massachusetts on a domestic violence project. Collaborating with MOVA and other stakeholders, he is examining the current status of domestic violence and emergency assistance shelter beds in the state of Massachusetts, the state systems engaged in housing/shelter services for victims, the matrix of referral networks, and triage system among state agencies. Consequently, he is developing policy recommendations for regulatory and operational changes to streamline the activities of all agencies involved in the provision of domestic violence shelters. This includes creating a database of all the available shelter options for domestic violence victims, recommending innovative housing options for victims, and developing an efficient referral/triage system for referring and assessing victims specialized needs and risk factors. Through this research the state government is looking to provide a FRESH START to victims of domestic violence since it has been shown that domestic violence shelters are very critical in helping survivors permanently escape violence and increase their economic stability. Also, given the fact that domestic violence is the leading cause of homelessness among women, the lessons learned from the research will be invaluable in improving Governor Baker’s reforms aimed at reducing family homelessness in general in Massachusetts.

Afreen Akhter

MPP 2011, Cultural Bridge Fellow
Shuhada Organization, Afghanistan

Afreen Akhter worked with Shuhada Organization in Afghanistan.  Shuhada is an Afghan NGO, run by Afghan women, which utilizes a cross-sectoral approach...

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Raafi Alidina

Raafi Alidina

Frost Included, UK

Raafi worked at Frost Included where he designed and implemented behavioural insights interventions to improve gender, racial, and LGBT equality in organizations. He worked under a former Women and Public Policy Program Fellow Stephen Frost to both implement Frost Included's diversity and inclusion programs and improve their strategy using cutting edge behavioural insights research.... Read more about Raafi Alidina