Intermediate Portuguese I: Justice, Equity and Rights in the Lusophone world





In this intermediate-level language course, students will explore social justice issues in the Lusophone world related to education, environment, health, jobs, and food. Students will also interrogate topics such as immigration, racism, and gender by studying a range of texts (e.g. written, audiovisual, visual) from different sources (e.g., social media, newspapers). Through these materials, students will build vocabulary and review and refine various grammatical structures. Students will also build on oral, written, and intercultural competences through communicative activities and interactive discussions with Portuguese-speaking guests. By the end of this class, students a) will have further developed their linguistic competence, and b) will have deepened their understanding of social justice issues that have impacted the lives of Portuguese-speaking communities.

Additional Information:
Faculty: Cristiane Soares
Semester: Full Spring Term
Time: Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 1:30 - 2:45 pm