The Health of Transgender and Gender Diverse People




The goal of this course is to introduce students to transgender and gender diverse (TGD) public health, an emerging multidisciplinary field focused on the health and wellbeing of TGD adults (also referred to as gender minorities). Students will acquire foundational knowledge to understand and address the health and wellbeing of TGD people including: terminology, history of TGD health and medicine, and information about the make-up of who TGD communities; concepts, theories, and frameworks guiding TGD health; global epidemiological research on physical and mental health morbidity and mortality; health inequities/disparities and determinants of TGD population health; best practices in research methodologies such as measurement/operationalization of gender identity and community engagement methods; issues in healthcare access and utilization, including models of TGD care; evidence-based prevention and intervention strategies; law, policy, and advocacy considerations; and current controversies and scientific debates. Readings and discussion will incorporate the multiple contexts that influence the lives and health and wellbeing of TGD populations (e.g., social, cultural, structural, political, and legal). The course takes an intersectional approach, emphasizes strengths and resiliencies, and brings in a human rights perspective.
Additional Information:
Faculty: Sereno Reisner
Semester: Fall Semester 2
Time: Friday, 1:00 - 4:00 pm
WGH 230