Harvard Gender Course Guide

2015-2016 Harvard Gender Course Guide

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The study of gender at Harvard exists across the University; a scholarly thread woven through disciplines and degree programs that connects students, faculty and scholars from all corners of the university community.

The Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard Kennedy School with the Committee on Degrees in Studies of Women, Gender and Sexuality, the Harvard College Women's Center, the Harvard Women's Law Association, the Women, Gender and Health Interdisciplinary Concentration at HSPH, the Women’s Studies in Religion Program—these are all testaments to Harvard’s continuing commitment to understanding the complex role of gender in society.

Across each of Harvard’s schools, we approach gender through the frameworks of art, culture, economics, education, health, human rights, law, medicine, public policy, religion and society, creating a rich academic landscape for the engaged scholar.

Gender Course Guide Listing

The guide was designed to help students identify programs, courses, and resources relating to the study of women and gender throughout the University. It lists courses across the University with a primary or secondary focus on gender by interdisciplinary topic. We attempt to be as inclusive and thorough as possible, but we are aware of the possibility that inaccuracies or omissions may inadvertently exist. It is also important to note that some schools only provide partial spring course listings. Please contact the schools or programs directly for complete course listings and cross-registration guidelines.