Economic Opportunity

Shweta Suresh

Why is Urban Female Labor Force Participation Declining in India?

In January 2017, Shweta went to India to study why urban female labor force participation is declining.  The rate of female labor force participation fell from 34 percent in May 2004 to 29 percent in October 2009, and it is still declining.  Shweta is researching the causes behind this decline in order to make strong policy recommendations on how the Indian Central government can reverse this falling rate, and work towards reaching gender equality in the workplace.

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Raunak Kalra

Gender Based Climate Change Budget Integration Index

Raunak Kalra worked with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to develop a new index that will measure the impact of climate change on the basis of gender.  The UNDP uses the Climate Change Budget Integration Index (CCBII) to measure the integration of climate change budget into a country’s public finance system. The CCBII has been received well and is now open to include indicators that measure the integration of climate budget into policies, institutions, and gender development programs.  Since climate change impacts women and children relatively more severely, Raunak developed a framework that quantifies this disproportionate effect.

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