Global prevalence and costs of gendered violence


Thursday, September 17, 2020, 12:00pm to 12:45pm


Hosted Online

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Dr. Anke Hoeffler | Professor of Development Research at the Department of Politics & Public Administration, University of Konstanz; Senior Associate Member, International Peace Research Institute Oslo

In this seminar Anke Hoeffler measures the social costs of violence and expresses them in economic terms. But should a social phenomenon, such as violence, be quantified? Is it not immoral to put a price on people's injuries and lives? She argues that the advantages of this exercise outweigh the disadvantages and a common metric enables us to make interesting comparisons. Which societies have high costs of violence? Who is most affected by violence - men, women or children? The answers to these questions suggest important development and gender dimensions.

Anke Hoeffler’s research is in the areas of development and security. She is one of the most widely cited social scientists and in 2019 she received an Alexander von Humboldt professorship, Germany’s highest award for international research. She left the University of Oxford and moved to the University of Konstanz in Germany where she holds a chair in development policy in the Department of Politics and Public Administration.