WAPPP Seminar Series: Time in Office and the Changing Gender Gap in Dishonesty: Evidence from Local Politics in India


Thursday, April 8, 2021, 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Hosted Online

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Ananish Chaudhuri | Professor of Experimental Economics at the University of Auckland

There is a general perception that women are less dishonest than men. This has led to calls for increasing the share of women at all levels of politics. But much of this evidence comes from studies with university students and/or regular citizens. In this talk Ananish will discuss research findings based on a sample of actual politicians elected to Village Councils in West Bengal, India. The evidence suggests that while inexperienced female politicians may be less dishonest, this idealism fades over time, so that experienced females are no less dishonest than experienced males. This behavior is driven primarily by lower levels of risk aversion among experienced female politicians.

Ananish Chaudhuri is Professor of Behavioral and Experimental Economics at the University of Auckland. He is ranked among the top 5% of Economics authors according to the Research Papers in Economics database. He has published widely in leading international scholarly journals such as Nature Human Behavior, Review of Economic Studies, Economic Journal, the Journal of Public Economics and Experimental Economics. He is the author of the critically acclaimed books “Behavioural Economics and Experiments” and “Experiments in Economics: Playing Fair with Money."