Title IX: Sports, Sex and Equality on Campus




Title IX of the Civil Rights Act promises equal access to educational opportunities. This has been one of the most dynamic areas of civil rights activism in the recent past, and promises to remain so. Under the Obama Administration, protecting students from sex assault was a capstone priority. Such efforts may not remain a high priority in the new administration. Thus, we will consider the question of how essential the federal government's role is in enforcing Title IX's equity principles? What other levers are available to further the civil rights of students to a safe and equal educational environment? This course provides the opportunity to develop a robust discourse on critical issues of gender equality in schools, including issues of gender identity. Readings include cases, articles, and decisions by the Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Education.


Additional Information

Faculty: Diane Rosenfeld
Semester: Full Fall Term
Time: Tues, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. ET
HLS 2242