Say Her Name: Gender, Race & Punishment from Tituba to Breonna Taylor




Say Her Name explores the systems of gendered and racialized punishment that have created the current conditions around school suspensions, arrests, and incarceration. The course draws from community voices, academic texts, media, and narrative sources to give particular attention to factors long associated with gender, race, and punishment, such as madness, sexuality, sin, poverty, and citizenship. We will focus on the religio-historical roots of the U.S. penal industry, suggesting a continuum between plantations and prisons that calls into question our basic notions of justice. Questions for consideration: What do we mean by gender and race? In what ways do we punish ourselves, each other, and the so-called criminal? How is punishment gendered and racialized? How do our understandings of justice and punishment affect our learning and teaching? Throughout the seminar, students will engage in discussion of texts and materials as part of a more intimate, seminar learning environment. Permission of instructor required. Enrollment limited.


Additional Information

Faculty: Kaia Stern
Semester: Fall 2
Time: Wed, 10:30 - 11:45 a.m. ET