Mediations on the Divine: Gender, Islam & Representation in the Modern Middle East




By examining a diverse set of popular “texts” and events in various forms of media, this course will discuss Islamically contentious episodes of representations of women across five majority Muslim countries: Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. By studying regulations set by religious and governmental bodies students will consider how women producers and consumers navigate and contest these frameworks. The course will examine the impact of processes of globalization, digitization, and periods of political unrest on debates around representations of women and the role of Islam within these conversations. Readings will engage theory, textual analysis and ethnography, focusing on religion as a form of mediation and foregrounding materiality and practice over conceptions of “belief.”


Additional Information

Faculty: Linda Chavers
Semester: Full Spring Term
Time: Fri, 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. ET
HDS 3076