Introduction to Latinx Studies





In this survey course we will problematize the project of Latinidad — tracing its contours as they have been shaped by historical systems and processes of power such as racialization, gender, sexuality, class, ability, and nation. Following a comparative and critical Ethnic Studies approach, students will gain historical and transdisciplinary perspectives towards the possibilities and limitations of Latinx identity and discourse. Grounded in Afro-Latinx, Indigenous, decolonial, abolitionist, queer and feminist entanglements, we will interrogate Latinidad as an intersection — a complex and dynamic site of cultural, social and political questions. In this way, we will visit Latinidad as a “way station,” that is, not a destination but a temporary and imagined construction. Together we will be “caminando, preguntando” (a Zapatista concept of "walking while asking") upon a “path of conocimiento” (Gloria Anzaldúa’s epistemic identitarian process of coming to know). Readings and discussions will engage in Ethnic Studies scholarship and social movements to trace how Latinx Studies and related projects seek to build solidarities and connections across various communities, as they also reproduce modern/colonial divisions, erasures and exclusions.


Additional Information:

Faculty: Marcelo Garzo

School: Faculty of Arts & Sciences
Semester: Full Spring Term
Time: 3:00PM - 4:15 PM, Tuesday + Thursday

EMR 142