Equity and Opportunity: Gender and Sexuality in Context




HGSE is offering a series of six core, limited-enrollment modules, each focusing on an aspect of identity in context. This module will focus specifically on gender and sexuality in context. Students in each Equity and Opportunity module will: (1) engage deeply with key concepts in equity, opportunity, inclusion, oppression, privilege, and power within the context of education; (2) connect and build meaningful relationships with others while recognizing the multiple intersecting identities, perspectives and differences people hold; and (3) make progress in understanding and reflecting on their own experiences and actions in the domain of gender and sexuality. Students will delve into core theories, practices, and texts that apply to all social identities, while also probing identity-specific topics and challenges. Students can expect to interact with each other and the teaching team in asynchronous and synchronous individual, small group, and whole group settings. Pedagogies and assessments will reflect core principles in educating for equity and opportunity, including inclusive facilitated discussions, active listening and learning, journaling, and case study inquiry. Students are encouraged to select into a topic that they have not spent much time studying formally as a way to explore the foundational concepts of equity and opportunity through a relatively new frame.
The gender & sexuality E&O course will provide students with foundational knowledge about factors that influence gender and sexual identity development. Specifically, the course will ask students to consider how schools, as institutions, shape what is seen as possible for young people around gender and sexuality. We will connect this "hidden curriculum" of schools back to systems of power, with a focus on patriarchy and misogyny. Finally, we will begin to consider how educators can interrupt this hidden curriculum in order to create more inclusive, loving, educational spaces.