Introduction to Sociology





    What is society? What is the role of the individual in society? How does the way society is organized affect the behaviors and beliefs of people who live in it? How can we change our societies? This course introduces students to the field of sociology. By surveying social theory as well as empirical studies, students acquire what C. Wright Mills calls the "sociological imagination": the ability to think beyond our personal lives and to connect the experiences of individuals with large social structures. Readings include prominent empirical investigations into family dynamics, class...

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    History and Human Capital





    Explores a range of subjects concerning human capital, historically, theoretically, and comparatively. Topics include human capital and economic growth, population and fertility, health and public interventions, education and training, economic inequality, gender and the family, slavery and race, and intergenerational mobility, all within the broad context of economic history. A research paper or significant proposal and a final exam are required. 


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