Advanced French I: The Contemporary Francophone World Through Cinema





In this advanced French language and culture course, you will explore francophone culture(s) through contemporary films. The course is designed to strengthen language proficiency, explore different registers of language, and further refine your grammatical understanding while offering an introduction to film analysis. You will engage in interactive communicative activities exploring themes such as regional differences, Paris and the banlieue, immigration, post-colonialism, cinematic self-portraits, and gender through readings such as film reviews, interviews with directors, and script excerpts. Class sessions will be organized like a traditional language classroom, providing opportunities for interaction and communication together as a class and in small groups. Online assignments will develop your interpretive and presentational skills in French on various platforms. Course work also includes creative interactive writing assignments, short compositions, scripts, and a short film. No previous familiarity with film study is necessary. This course is conducted entirely in French. 


Additional Information:
Faculty: Claire-Marie Brisson
Semester: Full Fall Term
Time: Tuesday/Thursday 12:00 - 1:15 pm
FRENCH 40 001