Asking what we can do to create gender equity.

Recent Publications

Bohnet, Iris, Siri Chilazi, and Anisha Asundi. “Ten Evidence-Based Practices for De-Biasing the Workplace”. 2021. Print.Abstract

Business, government and civil society want to benefit from 100% of the talent pool, but unconscious bias ingrained in minds and embedded in organizational practices and procedures can get in the way. These ten evidence-based practices can help organizations level the playing field by making all stages of the employee lifecycle less biased and more inclusive.

Chilazi, Siri. “Culture & Inclusion Literature Review”. 2021. Print.Abstract

This literature review is an overview of the academic literature relating to diversity and inclusion in organizations. It does not claim to be comprehensive as the existing body of academic work in this somewhat undefined space is vast. Rather, this document aims to focus on individual and organizational levers to promote gender equality. As such, it largely emphasizes recent scholarship from the last 10 years. Earlier, seminal works are included selectively where their influence continues to be felt and where they remain relevant to current conceptions of diversity and inclusion.



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