Internship Alumni

2015 Student Interns

Tania Del Rio

Tania Del Rio

MPP 2016

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Tania Del Rio is working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, conducting research on the problem of under-representation of women in the higher ranks of the Foreign Service. She is using Human Resource data to make comparative analyses of the entry, promotion, and exit patterns of men and women in the Foreign Service. In addition, Tania is conducting a series of interviews to gather information about gender differentiation in the work experience of Mexican diplomats. Through this research, the Ministry is looking to pinpoint the causes of under-representation of women in decision-making posts and implement policies that address the problem.

Rory Gerberg

Rory Gerberg

MPP 2015

Harvard University’s Office for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
Adrienne Hall Women’s Mentorship Intern

Rory Gerberg is applying her thesis research to develop new programs with Harvard University’s Office for Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (OSAPR). The issue of sexual misconduct on American university campuses has been in the forefront of national news but there is a lack of effective strategies to address it. Rory is working with OSAPR and professor Brian Mandell, who directs the Kennedy School Negotiation Project, to examine how negotiations analysis and pedagogy can be fused with the field of sexual assault prevention. The application of fundamental concepts and tools in negotiation analysis is promising and untested in the field, making Rory's work both novel in its approach and potential for impact. Rory is developing case studies around sexual assault and harassment to be deployed as a pedagogical tool by OSAPR at Harvard and in institutions of higher education across the country. Her work will contribute more broadly to tackling issues of implicit bias in institutions through innovative solutions.

Katie Parry

Katie Parry

MPA-ID 2016

Center for International Relations and Sustainable Development (CIRSD)
Belgrade, Serbia

Katie Parry is serving as a Senior Editorial Assistant for Horizons Magazine at the Center for International Relations and Sustainable Development (CIRSD) in Belgrade, Serbia this summer. CIRSD is the brainchild of Vuk Jeremic, President of the 67th Session of the UN General Assembly, who was an important force in pushing the development of the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs take a broader definition of development than the MDGs which preceded them, and have been applauded for their focus on gender issues and female empowerment. As Senior Editorial Assistant, Katie is soliciting editorial contributors, editing draft articles, and preparing content for the website and blog. Looking at the impact of ISIS on the broad Middle East and the ongoing conflicts in North Africa, Katie's two issues apply particular focus to the difficulties faced by women due to the mass migration across the region to the North of the Sahara. She is also pursing an independent study into the factors underlying the rise of sex trafficking from Serbia and how public policy can be used to counteract this phenomenon.

Alice Heath

Alice Heath

MPP 2016

Independent research: Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) against women in crisis settings
Adrienne Hall Women’s Mentorship Intern

Alice is writing a research paper on Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) against women in crisis settings.  Several reports have cited that rates of IPV increase in crisis settings such as conflict or natural disasters, most of which are anecdotal reporting from humanitarian organizations. Alice’s paper will review literature on IPV in crisis settings, and use available data to examine whether a crisis always increases rates of IPV, whether the change in rates of IPV varies with state and crisis-level factors and whether there are key drivers of increases in IPV in crisis areas.  Depending on availability of survey data from Women for Women, the paper will conclude with an in-depth case study into the experiences of IPV by Syrian Refugees in Northern Iraq.  Alice is completing this research under the supervision of Jeni Klugman, WAPPP fellow and former Director of Gender and Development at the World Bank Group.

MaryRose Mazzola

MaryRose Mazzola

MPP 2015

City of Boston, Mayor's Office of Women's Advancement
Boston, MA

MaryRose is serving as the Gender-Based Violence Policy Fellow for the City of Boston at the Mayor’s Office of Women’s Advancement. The Office, created a year ago by Executive Director Megan Costello, aims to provide a permanent, effective voice for all female residents of Boston by promoting women’s equal participation, economic prosperity, health and safety. MaryRose is spending the summer conducting a needs assessment of gender-based violence policy and services in Boston. The needs assessment will highlight areas for policy and procedural improvement for the City and will set a foundation for future gender-based violence initiatives by the Office of Women’s Advancement. To inform her policy work this summer, MaryRose is drawing on her qualitative research as a 2014 Cultural Bridge Fellow in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the quantitative research she conducted for her Master’s thesis on domestic violence recidivism.

Emeka Agudile

Emeka Agudile

PhD, Maternal and Child Health, HSPH, 2018

Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance (MOVA)
Boston, MA

Emeka is working with Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance (MOVA) in Boston, Massachusetts on a domestic violence project. Collaborating with MOVA and other stakeholders, he is examining the current status of domestic violence and emergency assistance shelter beds in the state of Massachusetts, the state systems engaged in housing/shelter services for victims, the matrix of referral networks, and triage system among state agencies. Consequently, he is developing policy recommendations for regulatory and operational changes to streamline the activities of all agencies involved in the provision of domestic violence shelters. This includes creating a database of all the available shelter options for domestic violence victims, recommending innovative housing options for victims, and developing an efficient referral/triage system for referring and assessing victims specialized needs and risk factors. Through this research the state government is looking to provide a FRESH START to victims of domestic violence since it has been shown that domestic violence shelters are very critical in helping survivors permanently escape violence and increase their economic stability. Also, given the fact that domestic violence is the leading cause of homelessness among women, the lessons learned from the research will be invaluable in improving Governor Baker’s reforms aimed at reducing family homelessness in general in Massachusetts.

Fiorella Benedetti

Fiorella Benedetti

MPA-ID 2016

Kopernik "Wonder Woman"

Fiorella Benedetti is conducting research in Eastern Indonesia to bring Kopernik’s Wonder Woman initiative to scale. This intervention reduces poverty by distributing clean energy technologies (solar lights, clean cook stoves, and water filters, etc.) to people in remote Indonesian villages, where access to electricity and affordable cooking fuel is extremely limited. At the same time, it empowers the women in these communities who serve as retailers and promoters of the products. Using a mix of quantitative and qualitative tools, Fiorella is designing and implementing an operational evaluation to diagnose the gender gaps and technological deficits to assess the most efficient way to scale up the initiative successfully.

Pamela Lachman

Pamela Lachman

MPP 2016

Independent Research
Cambridge, MA

Pamela Lachman is evaluating recent legislation passed by the Kentucky General Assembly that gave the state’s child welfare agency (DCBS) the responsibility of investigating and addressing the needs of commercially sexually exploited children (CSEC). Her research explores why the legislature decided to pass House Bill 3 (HB 3), why DCBS was given responsibility for CSEC cases, what the successes and challenges with implementing this law have been, and important considerations for state legislatures considering adopting similar policies. Pamela is conducting interviews with key staff members in the state’s child welfare agency, juvenile court system, and juvenile justice agency, as well as service providers, family and district court judges, prosecutors, school leaders, victim advocates who work with the CSEC population in Kentucky, and other stakeholders who were involved in the development of HB 3.

Jimena Villar de Onis

Jimena Villar de Onis

MSc 2016, HSPH

FXB Center for Health and Human Rights
Paris, France

Jimena Villar de Onis is conducting research at the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights in Paris, France. Her research is focused on access to health, education, housing, civic engagement, and economic development of the Roma people living in Paris. Jimena is collecting data from interviews with Roma mothers and other key stakeholders, such as government officials, schools, health centers, etc. She is analyzing the data to measure and determine gaps in access to basic human rights  for the Roma population. Based on her findings, Jimena is creating a report that makes policy recommendations for improving their condition. Ultimately, this is the first step towards bettering the life of Roma mothers and the Roma people. Jimena is also working with Médecins du Monde, who is hosting her during her time in Paris.

Kristy Luk

Kristy Luk

MPP 2016

Chicago Mayor’s Office: Mobile Women Infants Children vans
Chicago, IL

Kristy is working with the City of Chicago as a Mayoral Fellow on a variety of municipal projects. One of these projects is a proposal for the City of Chicago to introduce mobile WIC (Women Infants Children) vans that travel throughout the city to better provide mothers and their young families access to health related services. In particular, this project addresses the issue of geographic distribution of WIC clinics across Chicago neighborhoods, as these clinics are less accessible to residents living on the South Side of the city. Kristy is developing a needs and feasibility assessment and proposing an implementation plan for this initiative. Her work will contribute to creating policies that can better support gender equity in Chicago.

Lily Li

Lily Li

MPA-ID 2016

Africa Gender Innovation Lab and Trade Competitiveness Global Practice at the World Bank Group

Working with Africa Gender Innovation Lab and Trade Competitiveness Global Practice at the World Bank Group this summer, Lily Li is assisting with the implementation of both a qualitative assessment and an impact evaluation in Accra, Ghana. The program, "Making cash grants working for women entrepreneurs," seeks to generate and disseminate evidence on constraints women face in investing in their business. Lily is developing and implementing a qualitative study to understand household dynamics and entrepreneurship decisions. More specifically, she is preparing questionnaires for individual interviews and focus groups guideline manuals, designing an in-field lab experiment, and organizing focus group discussions and individual interviews with individuals and firms.

Molly Jacobson

Molly Jacobson

MPP/MBA 2017

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Geneva, Switzerland

Molly Jacobson is working with the HIV, Heath, and Development Team of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Geneva, Switzerland. She will support the team’s work on HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, and non-communicable diseases, with a focus on gender issues and women’s empowerment. Molly’s main project will be to help develop and pitch a new, joint UNDP-WHO initiative on harmful use of alcohol, infectious disease, and gender-based violence.  The goal of this project is to support health ministries in recognizing and addressing the close linkages between these three problems. In addition, Molly will build an investment case for addressing non-communicable diseases in developing countries. This internship builds on Molly’s previous public health experience; from 2013-14, she worked for a nutrition-focused NGO, also based in Geneva.

2014 Student Interns

Arthur  Bauer

Arthur Bauer

MPA-ID 2015
Centre For Microfinance, India

Arthur interned with the Centre for Microfinance, part of the Institute for Financial Management and Research in India, working on an innovative and multifaceted Harvard-led research project that explores the impact of rural financial services on women's health and economic empowerment. Arthur's work focused around data analysis, field management, and policy engagement. His analysis directly addressed the gender gap as each survey module consists of separated questions for women and men. While working in close collaboration with policy makers, Arthur's contribution to this project helped them understand the effectiveness of financial inclusion as a tool to close the gender wage, health, and social empowerment gaps, and helped them refine future interventions to maximize the economic, health, and social gains of women. As a field manager, he shed light on what could be done to better address research questions and therefore, lead to a better understanding of how microfinance can both improve women's health and economic empowerment.

Kate  Wilkerson  Sturla

Kate Wilkerson Sturla

MPA/ID 2015
Ministry of Education, Lima, Peru

Kate worked at the Office of Strategic Planning in the Ministry of Education of Peru. She focused on a project to address gender gaps and other inequities in public education by applying innovative techniques to a Peruvian context. This involved conducting a literature review of studies on education and school reform from other developing countries, particularly India, analyzing data from Peru's annual National Student Assessment, and writing a final proposal with specific policy recommendations. Her focus was on improving the quality of instruction in public schools, with a particular emphasis on remedial education for struggling students. This internship built on her previous experience in India, where she spent a year teaching remedial math and reading to the children of migrant laborers.

Bernardo Garza

Bernardo Garza

MPA-ID 2015
Professional Assistance for Development Action, Kolkata, India

Bernardo conducted an independent research project that looks into the malnutrition status of women living in Indian villages and its possible social, physiologic, cultural, and economic causes. As a basis for this research, he spent the summer working at the Professional Assistance for Development Action (PRADAN) in Kolkata, assisting Self-Help Groups (an informal association of 10 to 20 poor women belonging to the same village and sharing a common socio-economic background) nutrition programs. He conducted interviews to analyze women's knowledge and awareness of their nutrition status, the impact and potential of Government provisions (like MDM, ICDS, PDS etc.) on women's access to nutrition, and the effect of productivity and income enhancement on women's nutrition. The study strove to shine new light on the reasons why a nutrition gap exists between women and men. 

Desmond Lim

MPP 2015
Choson Exchange, North Korea

Desmond conducted a series of workshops and training focused on North Korean females in the area of business, finance, and fiscal policy to better their understanding and knowledge of global entrepreneurship and technology. Working with the Chosen Exchange team to initiate the programs across North Korea, Beijing, and Singapore, he facilitated the administration of training. According to local research, North Korean women are given a low priority in education because of their strong Asian culture and government restrictions.

Ryan Cohen

JD-MPP (HLS-HKS), 2017
White House Domestic Policy Council, USA

Ryan worked with the White House Domestic Policy Council to advance the Obama administration's efforts to close the gender pay gap. She developed partnerships and conducted advocacy in support of the National Equal Pay Task Force's initiatives to help women recover lost wages, educate employees about their rights and inform employers of their obligations, and improve enforcement of equal pay laws. In addition, she advocated for the Paycheck Fairness and Employment Non-Discrimination Acts, which, if passed, would make it illegal for employers to pay unequal wages to men and women who perform equal work, and prohibit discrimination in pay and employment on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation, respectively.

Marvin So

Marvin So

MS in Maternal-Child Health, 2015
Homes For Families, Boston, MA

Marvin organized a community-based participatory research project to examine the family shelter system in Massachusetts. He spent the summer working with the homeless social change organization Homes For Families by training formerly and currently homeless women in data collection, survey design, and social-behavioral research methods. He lead a team composed of Homes for Families Consumer Advisory Board members, staff, interns, and research team members to assess current program structures and gaps in needs and services, and practice modalities in family shelters throughout the state using a mixed-methods approach. The goal of this project was to develop policy recommendations for re-designing this system using a triage-based assessment model interlinked with data from local and federal databases, as well as key findings from surveys/interviews conducted for and by members of the homeless family community. Furthermore, the training and participatory research process constituted meaningful professional and personal development for the women involved.

Elizabeth Bennett

Elizabeth Bennett

MPP 2015
Rwanda Development Board, Rwanda

Elizabeth worked alongside the Rwanda Development Board COO, Clare Akamanzi, assisting her in special development projects, with focus on the economic empowerment of women in sub-Saharan Africa. She worked within RDB's Entrepreneurship Development Program, a program that seeks to increase the number of business start-ups in Rwanda, training women and youth on entrepreneurial skills. While in Kigali, Elizabeth also researched the intersection of female governance and economic growth.

Cassandra Robertson

PhD 2017
United States Department of Health and Human Services, Washington DC

Cassandra worked on two projects: a preliminary analysis of data from the Promise Zone Initiative and the writing of a research paper on family structure, geography and economic mobility. Her work with Promise Zones included helping with the evaluation and conducting preliminary data analysis on five sites. Cassandra focused on the demographic aspect of Promise Zones, particularly the gendered nature of poverty and the differences in the experience of poverty and disadvantage by gender. She also wrote a paper examining the changes in the geographic distribution of family patterns, specifically single motherhood, and its impact on economic mobility. The strongest predictors of upward mobility are ecological measures of family structure, such as the fraction of single parents in the area. Marital status thus has an effect on social mobility both at the individual level and at the neighborhood level. The importance of the geographic effect of family structure is a new area of study and the paper helped clarify causal effects and reveal new avenues for policy interventions. 

Susanne Schwarz

Susanne Schwarz

MPP 2015
Measuring "Rape Culture" Research Project, Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge, MA

Susanne worked as an assistant for the research project "Causes and Consequences of Rape Culture: Global Evidence from News and Social Media" at the Harvard Kennedy School. She developed a laboratory experiment in Kenya by conducting independent research complementary to the larger project on rape culture. The experiment will serve two purposes: first, it will test whether rape culture in the media is apparent to readers in the ways that are often assumed, and second, it will examine whether and how rape culture affects behaviors and attitudes towards sexual violence. Over the summer, Susanne’s plan is to create an experimental design, and develop and pre-test the materials needed for the laboratory setting. She then plans to implement the experiment overseas in the fall or winter of 2014, and use the data she collects to form the basis of her PAE project.

Xi Liu

MPP 2015
National Health and Family Planning Commission, China

Xi worked with "girls' dream," a project that was launched by the National Health and Family Planning Commission of China. Driven by the traditional concept that girls are not as important as boys, many parents in rural country in China force their girls to drop out of school after finishing junior high school to support their family by working in big cities or getting married at an early age. "girls' dream" aims to change the situation and increase the senior high school enrollment rate of female students by making a monthly money transfer to mothers of the families if they send their girls to senior high school. Xi helped to design the project by doing research in China and other countries that have similar programs.

MaryRose Mazzola

MaryRose Mazzola

MPP 2015
The City of Edinburgh Council, Public Protection Partnership, Scotland, U.K.

MaryRose evaluated and made policy recommendations on domestic violence services for the City of Edinburgh Council. She worked under the supervision of the Domestic Abuse Lead Officer for Edinburgh's Public Protection Partnership, which coordinates domestic violence services between the Council and the spheres of health, law enforcement, the judiciary, and the volunteer sector in Edinburgh. The project's goal was to ensure that the city of Edinburgh, as well as the surrounding region, provides the most effective responses to those who need and use these domestic violence services. MaryRose lead consultation exercises with domestic violence service users and providers, managed user focus groups, and created and distributed written questionnaires.

Jessie  Landerman

Jessie Landerman

MPP 2015
Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Bogotá, Colombia

Jessie was a David Rockefeller Intern with the Colombian National Government's Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, where she helped develop, implement, and monitor programs that utilize online and mobile technology to fight extreme poverty and close social, education, and income gaps among rural and Afro-Colombian women. Her work included researching the existing utilization and barriers to ICT adoption, analyzing international best practices, guiding the development of digital tools relevant and useful to rural women, and designing outreach and education programs that target them. Jessie also measured and tracked ICT use among various segments of the Colombian population in order to provide comparative racial and gender analyses to inform ongoing policymaking. These findings were not only available to MinTIC, but to all the agencies collaborating on the National Digital Plan, including the Ministries of Agriculture, Housing, Education, Finance, Justice, Transportation, and Social Protection, all of which have extensive initiatives for digital outreach, education, and service provision.

Antonio Labrador  Jimenenz

Antonio Labrador Jimenenz

MPA 2015
UNICEF, Brazil

Antonio worked with UNICEF Brazil to improve its efficiency in dealing with women and children's issues throughout its nine offices and across the different levels of government (federal, state, and municipal). The objective of this internship was to evaluate, design, and set up the implementation of initiatives that could improve UNICEF's performance in the above issues. To do so, Antonio looked for opportunities for improvement in the content of the work (structure, potential overlaps across departments, or areas not sufficiently covered) and the way UNICEF works with partners in government, private sector, and civil society. He also evaluated tools to improve performance, such as supporting databases and IT resources.

2013 Student Interns

Andrea Titus

Andrea Titus

MPP, 2014, Cultural Bridge Fellow
Evidence for Policy Design, Pakistan June 3, 2013 – August 16, 2013

Working with Evidence for Policy Design and the Center for Economic Research in Pakistan, Andrea explored the gender dynamics of vocational training …

Mona Singh

Mona Singh

MD-MPA 2014, Women's Leadership Board
World Health Organization, Switzerland May 13, 2013 – July 12, 2013

Interning with the WHO Emergency and Essential Surgical Care (EESC) program, Mona worked on a project to help further efforts to improve women’s health and …

Neil Padukone

Neil Padukone

MPA 2014, Cultural Bridge Fellow
Peking University-Lincoln Institute Center for Urban Development and Land Policy, China May 21, 2013 – July 18, 2013

Neil conducted an independent research project that looked at the urban and spatial development of Chinese metropolitan areas, with a specific focus on …

Jeff McManus

Jeff McManus

MPA/ID 2014, Cultural Bridge Fellow
IDinsight, India June 1, 2013 – August 10, 2013

Jeff interned with IDinsight, a non-profit founded by HKS alumni to provide developing country policymakers with demand-driven impact evaluations of policy.

Heidi Liu

G1 PhD, Public Policy, 2017, Adrienne Hall Mentorship Fund
Center for Public Leadership June 1, 2013 – August 20, 2013

Heidi conducted experimental research at the Kennedy School's Center for Public Leadership (CPL) this summer. Under the mentorship of Dr.

Radhika Jain

MPP 2014, Cultural Bridge Fellow
Centre for Policy Research, India June 1, 2013 – August 25, 2013

Radhika worked with affiliates of CPR on research examining linkages between state-citizen interactions, the delivery of public services, and household …

Marissa Davis

Marissa Davis

MPP 2014, Cultural Bridge Fellow
ArtWorks for Youth, South Africa June 17, 2012 - August 26, 2013

Marissa worked with ArtWorks for Youth to assist in developing, implementing, and monitoring a program for young girls in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

2012 Student Interns

Abigail Bellows

MPP 2013, Roy Family Intern
US State Department, Washington, D.C. May 29, 2012– August 3, 2012

Abigail explored how to integrate gender into diplomacy through her internship at the US State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor …

Lucero  Burga

Lucero Burga

MPA/ID 2013, Cultural Bridge Fellow
National Investment Commission, Liberia May 27, 2012 – August 12, 2012

Lucero focused on improving the business climate and regulatory investment framework this summer to create new economic opportunities for SMEs at the …

Rana  El Hattab

Rana El Hattab

MPP 2013 Cultural Bridge Fellow
Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Liberia May 29, 2012 – July 31, 2012

Rana worked this summer in Minister Miata Beysolow’s office at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Monrovia, Liberia.

Anjali  Fleury

Anjali Fleury

MPP 2013 Cultural Bridge Fellow
International Organization for Migration, Phnom Penh, Cambodia June 18, 2012 – August 10, 2012

Anjali created and implemented an economic empowerment program for Cambodian female migrants and their households this summer with the guidance of the …

Asma  Jaber

Asma Jaber

MPP 2013 Cultural Bridge Fellow
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Palestine May 20, 2012 – August 6, 2012

Asma Jaber interned this summer with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Palestine.  There she researched ways that …

Catherine  Leland

Catherine Leland

MPP 2013 Cultural Bridge Fellow
Mada al-Carmel, Haifa, Israel June 30, 2012 - August 4, 2012

Catherine conducted an independent research project this summer studying trends in Palestinian women's political participation over the past two decades in …

Sujoyini  Mandal

Sujoyini Mandal

MPP 2013 Cultural Bridge Fellow
Ministry of Gender and Development, Liberia May 8, 2012 – July 9, 2012

Sujoyini supported the Ministry of Gender and Development (MoDG) this summer in Liberia to define the next 5-year strategic plan that will be incorporated …

Nayeema Raza

MPA/MBA 2014 (Joint Degree Student with Stanford GSB), Cultural Bridge Fellow
Independent Research, Southeast Asia May 1, 2012 – July 1, 2012

Nayeema researched the potential for market-based solutions to improve female livelihoods in Asian economies this summer.

Dharana Rijal

MPP 2013, Cultural Bridge Fellow
Myanmar Sustainable Investments Initiative, Myanmar and Cambodia June 10, 2012 – August 10, 2012

Dharana worked this summer on a team of Harvard Kennedy School students studying foreign investment in Myanmar’s non-extractive sectors.

Melissa Sandgren

MPP 2013, Roy Family Intern
U.N. Women, New York June 1, 2012 – August 15, 2012

Melissa wrote this summer the Secretary General's report on the Improvement in the Status of Women across the UN System -- a project geared towards someone …

Anitha Sivasankaran

PhD Candidate in Economics, Adrienne Hall Fellow
Independent research, Tamil Nadu, India June 1, 2012 – August 30, 2012

Anitha conducted an independent research project this summer that studies the impact of commitment labor contracts available to young women in rural Tamil …

James Walsh

MPP 2013, Cultural Bridge Fellow
National Planning Commission (GNHC), Bhutan June 1, 2012 – August 10, 2012

James worked this summer as a short-term consultant for the National Planning Commission (GNHC) of the Royal Government of Bhutan.

2011 Student Interns

Kris Cox

Ministry of Health, Government of Rwanda

Kris Cox worked with the Ministry of Health in Rwanda to design and implement a survey investigating obstacles to treatment encountered by HIV-infected …

Hala Hana

Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs, Liberia

Hala assisted Liberia’s Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs in the development of the country’s Medium Term Growth and Development Strategy, which …

Emily Polak

Roy Family Fellow, Seattle Women’s Commission, Washington

Emily interned for the Seattle Women’s Commission to conduct a survey of women living in Seattle’s tent city.

2010 Student Interns

Ellen Abbott

MPA 2011, Cultural Bridge Fellow
Anza, Tanzania

Ellen worked as a summer associate with an organization called Anza (previously called SolarCycle) in Tanzania.  Anza engineered a product that improves …

Afreen Akhter

MPP 2011, Cultural Bridge Fellow
Shuhada Organization, Afghanistan

Afreen Akhter worked with Shuhada Organization in Afghanistan.  Shuhada is an Afghan NGO, run by Afghan women, which utilizes a cross-sectoral approach to …

Afua Entsuah

MPP 2011, Cultural Bridge Fellow
Philanthropy Secretariat in the Office of the President, Liberia

Afua Entsuah worked with the Philanthropy Secretariat within the Office of the President of Liberia.

Yoojin Kim

MPP 2011, Cultural Bridge Fellow
Asian Migrant Centre, Hong Kong

Yoojin conducted an independent research project that looked into best practices of economically empowering migrant women in Asia.

Hannah Lantos

MPA/ID 2011, Roy Family Intern
Technoserve, Mozambique

Hannah Lantos worked on a baseline survey of an agro-forestry project in northern Mozambique for Technoserve.  Technoserve helps women and men in the …

Allison Muehlenbeck

MPP 2011, Club de Madrid (Women's Political Participation and Leadership Program), Madrid
Deborah Carstens Intern

Allison Muehlenbeck worked with the Women's Political Participation and Leadership Program at Club of Madrid, an independent organization devoted to …

Sara Nadel

PhD. Candidate in Public Policy 2013, Adrienne Hall Fellow

Over the course of the summer, Sara was exposed to all aspects of economic research using data collected from field work.

Priyanka Sinha

MPP 2011, Cultural Bridge Fellow
Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD), Government of India

Priyanka Sinha worked with a team of specialists from MWCD and the World Bank to re-structure various components of the Integrated Child Development …

Anitha Sivasankaran

PhD. Economics 2013, Cultural Bridge Fellow
Center for Micro Finance, India

Anitha Sivasankaran worked in Thanjavur, India with a research team of students and faculty from Harvard, and the Center for Micro Finance.

Nina Teng

MPA/ID 2011, Cultural Bridge Fellow
Gross National Happiness Commission (GNHC), Bhutan

Nina interned at the Gross National Happiness Commission (GNHC), the Royal Government of Bhutan’s national policy-making and planning commission, in …

Varina Winder

MPP 2011, Roy Family Intern
Catalyst, Inc., New York, NY